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Jan, 2016

Project 1

The foundation 

The trust put up a mosque, a free madrasa, and a free hospital in the area in 2016. The main objective of the hospital was:-

To provide patient-centered healthcare with excellence in quality service, and access. Within 60 days of inception, the hospital became overcrowded and seeing over 50 patient a day. The trustees decided to build a new facility which is bigger to accommodate more patients and to provide better services.

Nov 2017

Project 2

New hospital

In November 2017, and after building the new hospital, the Trust partnered with Bomu Hospital who brought their expertise in a number of services like HIV and VCT which is prevalent in the area. Today the hospital which has over 20 staff sees over 200 patients a day free of charge.

The trust is also sponsoring 30 children from the area studying in a private school in Ukunda, with the aim of lifting the education standards of the community.

JaN, 2019

Project 3

Girls rescue centrE

This community is home to a large number of HIV patients who die and leave their children as orphans, which gave us another challenge. The orphans were left on their own with no one to take care of them, which lead to the child getting abused.


The Trust decided to continue with their support and built a state-of-the-art Girls Rescue Center.


The Rescue Centre has started operations, and currently has a capacity of 100 girls, who are provided with a safe place, loving care, and counselling to help them overcome their ordeals, and successfully reintegrate back into society

JaN, 2020

Project 4

integrated academy

While the center was in operation, the Alwalidayn trust found that the common root of many of the community's problems was due to a severe lack of eductaion. The surrounding school were either under-equipped, badly managed, or too expensive for the community to gain any benefit from.


So to this regard the trust decided to put up the Alwalidayn Integrated Academy, which offers free Acadmy level education to the children of the local community, in hopes that they will make a bright future of themselves, and break the cycle of poverty.

Feb, 2022

Project 5

The Al Walidayn Boys Rescue Center was built by Help Yateem, a UK based Charitable organization with extensive works across the world. It is a state of the art facility that exists to take in, rehabilitate and nurture boys who have been orphaned or gone through, abandonment, neglect, violent abuse, and different kinds of mutilation. We do not discriminate, we take in any tribe, race, and religion.  

We have spacious modern dormitories which are well equipped and well ventilated with in- house washrooms and baths. The institution has a holding capacity of one hundred and sixty (160) boys. We have vocational training classes where the boys can be trained in demand skills like carpentry, electrical and hair dressing as they are reintegrated into society.

Among our highly competent staff is an in-house administrator and social worker who also ensures that any reintegration is safe for the boys, and follow ups are conducted to ensure the boys are getting on well.

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